Ju Duo Zai Dancong

Ju Duo Zai Dan Cong

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Type: Wulong of the Phoenix Mountains

Producer: Zhang family - Wudong village

Pick-up period: April 2020 (batch 01)

The simple idea of ​​the almond and the complexity of a true centenary Dancong.

In the Phoenix Mountains, in the far east of Guangdong, in the land of the Chaozhou, wulong are produced from centuries-old trees. These ancient tea plants are not traditionally pruned and reach several meters high with age. Some of these trees are now almost a millennium old and are still used to produce the best teas in the region.

The best teas are produced from the leaves of a single tea tree hence the name Dancong (solitary shrub). This is only possible with larger and older trees, and even though only a few pounds of leaves are produced each year. The villages are organized around these tea plants which are their wealth and their pride. More or less ancient gardens have developed around these centuries-old trees. Today, most of the production comes from a mixture of leaves from trees of equivalent ages, which may already be a hundred years old, and from the same lineage.

Each lineage, over successive generations, has acquired well-defined aromatic characteristics that are used today to classify Dancong. One of these lineage is that of Xing Ren Xiang, "almond flavored". Our Ju Duo Zai comes from one of the mother trees of this line which is now over 200 years old. This is a real Dancong, whose leaves come from a single tree, which is increasingly rare.

True Dancongs always have something unique to offer. This year's production offers us a powerful aroma of both bitter almond and almond blossom, supported by a great complexity of the flavors, mixing sweetness, bitterness acidity and astringency, as well as by a nice roundness and a sweet return. . It's a balancing act between the simple idea of ​​an almond and the complexity on the palate of a tea made from a century-old tea tree, which only a Dancong can offer.