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Type : Black tea from Yellow Mountains - Qimen

Producer : Family Lü - Qimen County - Xiao Feng

Picking time : 10 April 2020 (post Qing Ming - batch 01)

We all know about Qimen, these traditional chinese black tea which conquered the West three centuries ago and which today are part of almost any blend of black tea. However, their true strength is today forgotten: tastefulness and complexity. 

This traditional Qimen is a small harvest of Xiang Luo (fragrant sprials) the most iconic and sought-after grade of this family of black teas.

It offers us a gourmet and roasted universe, with notes of bakeries, flowers and cocoa; like a small chocolate danish in a flower patio.

It is a light and refreshing tea that willl accompany wonderfully the heats of summer and Indian summer.