Rou Gui

Rou Gui

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All the elegance of a pretty Rougui ...

Producer: Mr Li

Location: around Lotus Peak (LianGuaFeng)

Period: Year 2020 - harvested in April roasted in September

An unexpected encounter gives us the chance to offer this tea: one rainy day in Wuyishan, a tea producer took us by car. Since then we regularly delight in his teas.

Our friend Li comes from one of the few hamlets in the valley separating the Rocky Area and the Ecological Protected Area of ​​the Wuyi Mountains just at the foot of Lotus Peak. For generations, his family gardens have been scattered between the slopes of the famous peak and those the Temple of the Longevity of Heaven on the opposite mountain in the ecological zone. A remote part of the mountains: between Zhengyan and Banyan ...

This year, he offers us a nice Rougui from the slopes of Lotus Peak. Unlike the recent taste for Rougui, more fruity and less roasted, we have here a fairly flowery and spicy tea, offering a nice minerality. The roasting creates a touch of bitterness that elegantly supports the presence in the mouth. This roundness is sublimated by a beautiful length, with a rather fresh return... A tea that offers us around ten well-balanced infusions.