Song Zhong  of Second Generation
Song Zhong  of Second Generation
Song Zhong  of Second Generation

Song Zhong of Second Generation

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Type: Wulong of the Phoenix Mountains

Producer: Zhang family - village of Da'an

Collection period: April 2018

Let yourself be seduced by this classic beauty ...
The magic of the Dancong is that each tea has its own universe. In the Phoenix Mountains, there are some original tea trees that gave birth to all modern Dancongs. These few trees have been found in chronicles for more than 500 years. This is why they are called SongZhong, to recall that they come from a seed dating back to one of the most prosperous periods of Chinese culture, the Song dynasty.

Our Dancong was picked from one of the oldest daughter trees of one of these trees, the SongZhong of Da'an: the daughter tree is 330 years old and her mother is 580 years old.

We are extremely happy to have such a tea in our reserves and to be able to offer it to you.

It is an exceptional tea. It develops very flowery top notes, a spicy body and very fruity base notes. This aromatic complexity is supported by a beautiful complexity of the flavors. A balance between a refreshing astreingence, a sustained bitterness, but also a beautiful sweetness and a fine acidity that this tea remains in the mouth for many hours. And when you master the infusion, you let yourself be transcended by the power and presence of this tea.

This fall, we are offering two exceptional Dancongs, made from tea plants of an equivalent age, this second generation Songzhong and the Cha Wang which is a Dancong from Lingtou, also from the second generation. These two teas show us all the power that very old Dancong can have. However, we are in the presence of two very different teas, here we let ourselves be seduced by the classic beauty of this Songzhong, there we let ourselves be confused by the exuberance of Cha Wang.

We hope to be able to continue in the future to offer such experiences from time to time.