Wild tea from Taiping Hou Lui cultivar
Taiping Hou Kui wild tea bush

Wild Tea

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Type : Yellow Mountain green tea - Tai Ping Hou Kui

Produceur : Famille Lü - village de Chajia

Harvest time : 18th April 2020 (pre Gu Yu - batch 01)

Around tea gardens in mountain village of Chaling are growing wild tea bush. These have grown naturally from the seeds of the endemic tea tree growing around Taiping Lake used to make Taiping Houkui that have scattered in the gardens and the surrounding lush forest.

Villagers are used to keep these trees for their own consumption, picking from time to time some leaves to add in scambled eggs, to make oil...

Once a year, just before Gu Yu festival, they harvest from them to make their own tea following the ancestral method from before Tai Ping Hou Kui development.

Leaves are briefly cooked in wok and then dried over bamboo sieves by bamboo charcoal.

The tea thus take an increadible volume for green tea, fluffy as possible. Le thé prend ainsi un volume inégalé pour un thé vert.

The brewing develops a nice presence in mouth with aromas of candied sugar and white flowers. A powerful floweriness reminding somehow some Taiwan Gao Shan Cha and a subtlety trypical of good Chinese green teas.

I first tasted this unknown tea at the home of the parents of my friend Lü, and since then it has been each year my prefered green tea.

This years's production has been done by my friend's uncle for their family and it is a pleasure to propose you this tea.