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Type: WuYi Mountains Wulong

Producer: Zhang Family - Bi Shi Yan

Picking period: year 2020 - harvested in April and roasted in September

This Qilan gave us a real nice surprise!

Since our first visits to WuYiShan, we have enjoyed walking around the Sangu district, a district known for its many tea houses. There is a shop where we stop every time. And even when we miss Yancha during the year, we reach out to them for their wonderful LaoCong ShuiXian that their family produces.

This year, it's a whole different tea that seduced us: a Qilan. It was initially a cultivar from southern Fujian, which was introduced to the WuYi Mountains in the 1990s and which quickly gained its acclaim thanks to its aromatic power.

The tea was harvested in Bi Shi Yan, at the Jade Rock Cliff, in the WuYI Mountains Natural Park. It is a fairly remote peak to the north of the tourist area, located in one of the most inaccessible areas of ZhenShan, the peaks most famous for their teas.

This Qilan has great aromatic power. On the typically flowery base of this type of tea, we also find fruity, spicy and minty notes which gives it great freshness in the mouth. It is a sweet tea that fills the whole mouth and stays for a long time.

We were pleasantly surprised by such power in a Qilan ...