Duo Travelling Gaiwan - Green and Brown

Duo Travelling Gaiwan - Green and Brown

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How to take tea on a picnic?

This easy gaiwan uses one of the first travel gaiwan designs, practical and functional in all circumstances. With its two integrated cups, you will have no more excuses to share a good tea.

This travel set is made of Dehua stoneware, green and brown in color, including an easy gaiwan, two cups of different diameter to protect in a gray linen carrying pouch with pockets to slip your tea leaves in.

Very easy to use, the easy gaiwan can also be a good compromise for beginners, to brew their tea on a daily basis without having to learn to handle a traditional gaiwan. So, for a long time, it has been my choice of utensil to brew my morning tea.

Linen protective pouch size: 13 x 13 x 15cm

Diameter of the large cup: 8 cm

Small cup diameter: 6 cm

Taiwan volume: 150ml