Our Ethical Path

Why a tea shop?

During our life in China, we have discovered exceptional teas, teas that rarely leave the country, others even where you have to know the producer to have access to them. We have made met so many new friends, multiplied the trips, learned Chinese to be able to communicate.

Today, back in France, we would like to maintain these friendships, and continue to have access to this rich taste and culture, to these discoveries, and to share them.

To be able to have access to some of these teas, you often have to be able to buy several pounds, sometime a complete batch, master logistics and international shipments, a full-time occupation, a real job. Opening a store quickly seems to be the best option.

Where do our teas come from?

During our travels, we have visited many mountains and met many producers, people who share our ideal of quality teas. They keep producing tea without a productivist approach, in the respect of the tradition and of the healthy environment that makes them live. In recent years, tea has finally enabled a family to live properly in these remote villages because Chinese tea lovers are willing to pay the price for quality. We are seeing the reappearance, in Anhui and Fujian, of products of an almost forgotten quality.

Each of our teas is a real crush produced by producers who have become friends. We wandered their tea gardens, we observed their methods to maintain their gardens and produce their teas.

A more responsible approach ...

We work with small family businesses, which we pay directly. We have no intermediary.

We also try to reduce our ecological footprint, to reflect on the life cycles of our products and their packaging. Quality teas will always come mainly from plantations on the other side of the world, so try to improve our local footprint and opt for practices that honor the nature that offers us her teas.

We are thinking about packaging solutions that are truly recyclable or compostable. We have decided to ban plastic, replacing it by paper, cardboard and metal, and we will continue this approach for our future developments.