Due to the language barrier and the logistical difficulties for an individual or a small business, having access to authentic Chinese products can be a real headache. And yet many of our common passions require us to have access to these products which are only accessible in their country of origin:

  • porcelain, pottery and working the earth,
  • calligraphy and Indian ink,
  • teas and tasting utensils
  • lacquer ...

Our life in China and our passions taught us to look for the products we needed, to find the most interesting, to discuss with producers and sellers about quality, origins, characteristics, to spot serious sellers with whom to work and to navigate the jungle of e-commerce solutions and Chinese social networks.

Today thanks to the shop we have the logistics to help you find those products you need and get them to you safely.

For tea in In particular, we also have direct contacts across China with producers and so you will be able to have access to rare teas at reasonable wholesale prices.

If you are a shop looking for authentic products and traditional in China, a potter needing accessories to work with porcelain, a calligraphy enthusiast, a lacquer enthusiast, do not hesitate to contact us.