Kui Jian
Kui Jian

Kui Jian

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Type : Yellow Mountain green tea - Tai Ping Hou Kui

Producteur : Family Lü - Chajia village

Période de cueillette : 20th Avril 2020 (after Gu Yu - batch 01)

The Tai Ping Hou Kui, despite being a quite recent tea invented for the 1915 Universal Expo, has soon become one of the most iconic and recognisable tea of China.

Capitalizing on the exceptional size and aromatic potential of the leaves of a local varietal of tea bushes, these are hand rolled and then pressed between two sieves before drying above bamboo charcoal embers. This gives the leaves their saber shape, long and regular and imprints the fine grid pattern of the sieve.

This complex process allowing some start of oxidation allow orchid flower taste to develop, characteristic of Taiping Houkui. This aromatic profile uncommon among green tees brought numerous legend about this tea.

In addition to this fully hand made production, reserved for the best part of the harvest, a few semi-automized grades have been developed since half a century.

The Kui Jian is one among the, with rolling done in the wok during "killing the green" phase thanks to a mechanically shaken wok, the rest of the process has remained as the hand made grade.

The other one is the Bu Jian, which leaves are mechanically rolled and pressed to seem like real Taiping Houkui.

It is this grade which is majorly sold under the name Taiping Houkui in the West. Most of it is even not produced around Taiping lake...

On the contrary our Kui Jian is from the center of the production area, on the next valley to Hou Keng.

Our Kui jian is perfectly illustrating its manufacturing process. The mechanized wok provides higher roasting during rolling stage and bring typical Brittany "Lu" crackers tastes that perfectly superpose to the powerful flowery aroma of Taiping Houkui. Thus a sweet and tasty tea, long in mouth...