The Lü family

Nestled in the Cha Jia dwelling in the middle of the mountains surrounding Taiping Lake in the Yellow Mountains, the Lü family is producing tea for generations and is maintaining the tradition of sustainable agricultural methods.

Chajia village producing Taiping Hou Kui

A few years ago, I met Laolü while searching for Hou Kui. Our second child was born and I was very concerned about the pesticides we were daily exposed to in China. He invited us to come and see by ourselves and explain their policy about chemicals. We even took part in the entire picking season in 2019.

Picking Taiping Hou Kui

He met his wife at agricultural college in Huangshan city : she is out of a family of Qimen producers.

Amidst Taiping Hou Kui tea garden

This year, our Yellow Mountain teas will come from them.

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