The Zhang family

They are an old family from Lingtou, a village in the Phoenix Mountains, near Chaozhou in Guangdong, where one of the most aromatic wulongs in China is produced.

Lingtou village producing Dancong

This village, less known than Wudong, is the cradle of many mother tea plants. And the Zhang family is fortunate to be the guardian of some of these prestigious tea plants.

Traditionally, true Wulong Dancong have the particularity of being harvested from a single tea plant and not of being a batch of leaves harvested in a plantation. The Zhang family continues this tradition and offers us the chance to have access to real Dancong.

Baiye Dancong Tea tree

The son, thanks to his acquaintances all around the Phoenix mountains, helped us a lot to discover other gold nuggets of the region.

Baiye Dancong Tea tree

Our teas from the Phoenix Mountains come this year from them.

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