Roasting Season in Wuyishan

When we lived in the megalopolis of Shanghai, every year we felt the need to take a deep breath of nature when autumn arrived. And a tradition was born, taking the train at the end of September to spend a weekend in the WuYi mountains.


WuYi Shan Nature Park is beautiful this season. It is still nice and warm, but the humidity has already started to reduce.

What a delight to walk in the middle of these sumptuous mountains, between these famous tea gardens ... Matouyan, Niulankang, the mother tea plants of the Dahongpao ...


What a change of scenery during the bamboo raft descent on the river with nine bends ...

But above all, it's time to roast the Yancha. It begins with the onset of Chinese Autumn, around mid-August, and ends with the Mid-Autumn Festival. It's just four months after the leaves have been harvested, oxidized and dried.


And that wonderful smell as you walk through the streets past tea farmers home is just exquisite.

We wanted to introduce some Yancha on this occasion, unfortunately, the situation did not allow us to return to China this year ... We will however try to shio some samples from our producer friends, hoping to be able to propose Yancha in the store for the End of the Year holidays!

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