Sablier à thé, anneau métallique
Sablier à thé, anneau plastique, couleur noir
Sablier à thé, anneau plastique, couleur bois

"Hourglass" cup for Gong Fu Cha on the go

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One of our tea producer friend once offered us this cup, when we were travelling tea gardens in China. First full of doubt about the what seemed to be a gadget, Arnaud finally used it during one of his trips and was delighted to be able to taste a real good tea both on the plane and during meetings. The "hourglass" cup quickly became one of our essentials for preparing our tea while traveling.

This nomadic cup makes it possible to infuse any tea to perfection.

It is made up of three parts:

  • a small glass part in which we will slide the tea leaves,
  • the ring containing the metal filter
  • a larger glass part in which we will put the boiling water.

On the principle of the hourglass, you just have to turn the cup upside down for the hot water to brew with the tea leaves. As soon as the tea is brewed, you turn hourglass back. So you have the tea in the bottom part ready to be tasted, and the leaves out of the water in the upper compartment waiting for the next brew...

We present two models to you:

  • a nomadic cup with a plastic ring, in two colors: wood or black
  • a nomadic cup with a metallic ring

If you are looking for a specific color, please feel free to contact us to discuss it, our provider has a selection as wide as the colors of a rainbow...