Autumn Offer

In China, we don't just drink tea.

We also drink a lot of infusions. One that is drunk a lot, plain or with green tea leaves, is the chrysanthemum flower.

In the Chinese pharmacopoeia, chrysanthemum flowers (菊花) are particularly known to clear the eyesight, relieve irritated eyes. Yellow chrysanthemum flowers (黄菊花) are also said to be very effective in dispersing "hot wind colds" and detoxifying.

The best come from the Yellow Mountains and each year our tea producer friend sends us some flowers grown by one of his friends.

When we lived in China, we used to give them to our Chinese friends who found them beautiful and of unsurpassed quality. This year we will continue this tradition by offering one to our customers.


With the arrival of fall, rain, wind and fresh air, we are giving away a yellow chrysanthemum flower to the first five orders on our site.