Qi Mei

Qi Mei

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Type : Black tea from Yellow Mountains - Qimen

Producer : Family Lü - Qimen County - Xiao Feng

Picking time : 1st April 2020 (pre Qing Ming - batch 01)

We all know about Qimen, these traditional Chinese black tea which conquered the West three centuries ago and which today are part of almost any blend of black tea. However, their true strength is today forgotten: tastefulness and complexity. 

Qi Mei ("Eyebrows of Qimen") are a rare and obscure grade of Qimen black teas. Just think about the carefulness needed to roll and sort these fine and straight leaves, without defects.

Only the most experienced produces reserves this careful work to the most beautiful leaves of the firsts harvest days.

We have selected this year a Qi Mei reflecting this skill : an association of the typical cocoa and bakery treat of Qimen teas with the strength of powdery rose.