Gui Hua Xiang
Gui Hua Xiang

Gui Hua Xiang

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Type : Wulong from Phoenix Mountains

Producer: Famille Zhang - Bei Ling Chang

Collection period: April 2020

A beautiful flowery Wulong from a promising young garden, a nice introduction to the teas from Phoenix Mountains.

In the Phoenix Mountains, in the far east of Guangdong, in the land of the Chaozhou, wulong are produced from centuries-old trees. These ancient tea plants are not traditionally pruned and reach several meters high with age. Some of these trees are now almost a thousand years old and are still used to produce the best teas in the region.

Our Gui Hua Xiang comes from a garden located in the mountains between the villages of FengHuang and Lingtou, more precisely on the ridge of Bei Ling Chang . It is a small remote garden that was planted at the beginning of the 80s and which includes tea plants whose teas develop an osmanthus taste. The garden is still too young and the tea plants too small to produce one batch per tea plant: the tea therefore comes from a mixture of several neighboring trees.

This does not detract from its quality. This Wulong develops a strong aroma of flowers and a very nice presence in the mouth. We also recognize the paw of our producer friend, the roasting is well controlled. Contrary to the current fashion for very green teas, here we have a beautiful roasting which brings a honeyed and greedy side to the tea, in accordance with tradition.

It is a young garden promising for decades to come which today offers us a very good tea, both accessible for a beginner, and with a beautiful power which will delight the more expert taste buds.