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Moment thé

Ce matin, il fait gris et froid. La nuit avec un bébé de quelques mois a été courte. Les grands sont à l'école, j'ai besoin d'un moment thé pour trouver la motivation à me mettre au travail... Préparer son thé, pour moi, c'est toute une démarche. Chercher une tasse, choisir une théière ou un gaïwan, associer un pot de réserve, et préparer un plateau. Choisir mon thé, le peser, chauffer l'eau. Créer une ambiance propice au thé et à la saison m'aide à me plonger dans ce moment revitailsant... Aujourd'hui, j'ai choisi un Yancha de notre sélection d'hiver: le RouGui de notre ami producteur Li. Les gestes pour le préparer, le thé lui-même, l'ambiance douce et chaleureuse que j'ai créé...

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Nostalgia for tea in China

A little over a year since we are back in France, and we still miss China very much. One of those little, distinctively Chinese things that we miss the most is having tea in a tea house.When we enters a tea house, it always exudes a particular atmosphere, traditional or very modern, very refined or real den ...When you ask to see a tea, the owners always offer to taste it. Indeed, in China, you don't buy a tea without tasting it first.So we always find ourselves sharing tea with the owners and regulars.And then, we quickly become a regular. Once we have bought a tea, we have become a customer and we are therefore invited to come back to...

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Brewing Chinese Green Tea - The Chinese Tradition of Simplicity

In the Western imagination, it is often difficult to brew green tea properly. And yet, in China, we drink green tea all day long and in all situations: on public transport, in the park, at work, sitting on a stool in the street watching people go by ... Isn't that contradictory? One of the most traditional ways to brew green tea in China is to simply put a few tea leaves in a cup. And keep that cup in place most of the day, just adding hot water regularly. In recent years, people becoming more and more nomadic, everyone walks around with their hermetic transparent glass cup that can be filled with hot water at every corner. There are hot...

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