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Dancong: Taste of the North against taste of the South

Following recent discussions with tea friends on the Dancongs and their aging, I undug from my storage one of my old Dancongs, a little Ba Xian from 2015, the first tea bought from my friend who produced it in Lingtou. It was precisely while looking for this tea that I met my friend Zhang. It must be said that in Shanghai, finding Dancongs in a tea house is quite exceptional, so I had directly contacted various producers through Chinese social networks. I have a little soft spot for Ba Xian, one of those complex teas that have always amazed me, both the real Dancong and their clones exported to Taiwan. If I look back to my history with the Dancongs,...

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Autumn Tea

Autumn is now well established.Temperatures are slowly dropping.The sky is getting darker.We want to stay home, seeking a cocoon of sweetness.The warmth of autumn colors envelops us.Would you find a better tea for this season than a fragrant Qimei ?Tasty notes of bakery and cocoa combined with the enveloping sweetness of powdery rose ...And for you, which tea best represents this period?

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From a Seed to a Leaf

For new tree, you need to plant a seed. Or more simply let nature take its course: the tree makes a fruit, the fruit falls or is eaten by an animal which transports it far away, and the seed germinates and gives rise to a new shrub, a new tree… With a few exceptions , it is the universal method of reproduction of fruit trees.But what about the tea plant? It's a camellia with pretty white flowers and funny trilobed fruits. It even bears so much fruit that in certain regions of China it is made one of the most popular oils. However, few of these seeds will give a new tea plant ...For centuries, when one wants to multiply...

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