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Dancong: Taste of the North against taste of the South

Following recent discussions with tea friends on the Dancongs and their aging, I undug from my storage one of my old Dancongs, a little Ba Xian from 2015, the first tea bought from my friend who produced it in Lingtou. It was precisely while looking for this tea that I met my friend Zhang. It must be said that in Shanghai, finding Dancongs in a tea house is quite exceptional, so I had directly contacted various producers through Chinese social networks. I have a little soft spot for Ba Xian, one of those complex teas that have always amazed me, both the real Dancong and their clones exported to Taiwan. If I look back to my history with the Dancongs,...

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Yancha for Christmas?

Unable to go to China due to the sanitary situation, two weeks ago we asked some friends who are producers in the WuYi mountains to send us a set of samples of rock teas.We received the samples during the week. Let's start a comparative testing... a real sport game! Nine Yancha, nine Gaiwan, nine serving pot, eighteen cups, five infusions per gaiwan, or forty-five cups of tea per person in two hours ...We made a real sacrifice for the pleasure of your taste buds ... And we had enough to occupy the rainy afternoons.We need a few more days of reflection, some more specific tastings for one or other of the teas that we have chosen and from this weekend...

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